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Blindravinnustofan (The workshop for the blind) is a work and training place for the blind, partially sighted and other disabled people.

Blindravinnustofan plays an important role in creating work for blind, partially sighted and other disabled people and today it employees around 30 disabled people. The most important part of the operation is packaging and branding cleaning products for retail sales. Other roles of the workshop are: fireplace block production, wicker basket production, photo scanning, product labeling like pens and similar items, packing and sorting and broom making.

Blindravinnustofan is operated in accordance with an agreement with the Directorate of Labor. The workshop was established by blind people in 1941. Today, Blindravinnustofan is a ltd company owned by the BIOVI, Blindrafelagid, Icelandic organization of the visually impaired.

The company's main purpose is to provide blind and visually impaired people work, vocational training and rehabilitation. Its purpose is also achieved by operating wholesale, import, retail and manufacturing-cleaning products and related activities.

By purchasing products or services from Blindravinnustofan, you´re contributing to support blind and visually impaired people to independence.
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